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Malcolm X: The murder that robbed the world of a Muslim civil rights visionary

Malcolm X is associated with violent black nationalism. But his conversion to Sunni Islam helped bring him back into the mainstream of American life. His assassination 50 years ago robbed the civil rights movement of a powerful leader 

When Malcolm X was assassinated, Time Magazine wrote that he had been “a pimp, a cocaine addict and a thief. He was an unashamed demagogue. His gospel was hatred.” The New York Times, America’s liberal bible, called him “an extraordinary and twisted man, turning many true gifts to evil purpose.” 

That his killers were identified as members of the radical black Nation of Islam suggested a case of chickens coming home to roost. Large parts of white society breathed a sigh of relief. They thought they had been delivered from a gangster. 

Fifty years on and Malcolm’s reputation is very different. With a better understanding of what Malcolm really thought and what he really stood for, he now stands out as a prophet of the civil rights era and the embodiment of black pride. 

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Learning a language – 10 things you need to know

Thinking about learning a foreign language? From ignoring your age to avoiding the F-word, our multilingual experts share their tips 

1. Make realistic, specific goals

You have decided to learn another language. Now what? On our recent live chat our panellists first piece of advice was to ask yourself: what do you want to achieve and by when? Donavan Whyte, vice president of enterprise and education at Rosetta Stone, says: “Language learning is best when broken down into manageable goals that are achievable over a few months. This is far more motivating and realistic.”

You might be feeling wildly optimistic when you start but aiming to be fluent is not necessarily the best idea. Phil McGowan, director at Verbmaps, recommends making these goals tangible and specific: “Why not set yourself a target of being able to read a newspaper article in the target language without having to look up any words in the dictionary?”

2. Remind yourself why you are learning

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When corruption outweighs justice…..

When a nation knows nothing more but to uphold the virtues of corruption and abuse the rights of the powerless, then the future of such a nation cannot be certain.

Side talk decided to pick this story from one of the leading tabloids to tell our leaders about certain trends. The mere thought of injustice stirs a notion of an impending danger. Yet when a man is sentenced to death for stealing a meager N 9, 000, where his likes walk proudly away with billions of naira and even above; we wonder what the future holds for a country like Nigeria. Yes; this story was not considered for its comic nature.

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This long expected release! When and where?

Last week, we heard stories that the missing girls will soon return, after a truce was reached between our men and the terrorists. Ironically, another painful week has ended without that dream being fulfilled. We have instead been fed with stories of persistent attacks by the perpetrators of terror in the land. Although this last news has been dismissed as null and void, what we hope on side talk is that the report about the protracted kidnap will not remain a dream for ever.

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So who will relinquish his ambition?

Our next story also emanates from the political scene. Afew weeks ago, when we had the first declaration, we saw the brother of the ‘declarant’ from the same party, pledging to support his brother.

Few weeks later, Mr. supporter stated his intention to ‘run.’ Suddenly, the stage is set for the exchange batons. Shortly after the loyalists of the first ‘declarant’ stated that there are request for their leader’s brother to relinquish his place; the brother’s opponents also did the same. What

Nigerians are asking is; “How will this unfolding drama end?”

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