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Allowing your inner self to shine gives you good image II

Did you perform your civic responsibility today by casting your vote? We hope that our vote counts and the best leader emerges, we all wish our beloved country a smooth presidential election.

Changes in the world today and the need to outshine others materially has totally blocked people’s understanding that morals, values are more important than what we exhibit on the outside.  People are more interested in what they see on the outside than what people have to offer.

Outward self exhibition has to do with gaining favours, trust and appreciation from others in terms of riches and luxury. We all love to live a good and comfortable life and that is why we work to make money, but using material wealth to measure the value of an individual is totally wrong and hardly works long term.

If you have been monitoring all that has been happening among our political elites and the people they govern, you will see politicians trying to impress the people with all kinds of material gifts and incentives. Sadly, people from this part of the world are drowning in hunger and  poverty (in the midst of plenty) that most of them do not have the courage to reject being bought over by politicians who have no morals or inner values to be their leader. 

Take away all the fleet of flashy and expensive cars, mansions, free trips abroad, free allownaces for numerous staff, huge salary, etc do you think we will have so much trouble chosing the best leaders? Will we have politicans insulting and killing each other? I do not think so. There is so much display and greedy acqusition of material wealth among our leaders of today that most of them do not remember what it means to serve, to render vauable service, to unveil what they have in the inside in terms of morals and values. Is there any thing like decent politics?

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At what age can you leave kids home alone?

•Elle’s editor in chief asks the question that all parents wonder about

•As schools break up for summer, mums wonder if their kids are old enough

•She tested her 13-year-old with a trial run, leaving her at home solo

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all guide to parenting that I don’t know about, is there? It would be handy if there was a rule book as effective as, say, the Hogwarts book of spells because right now everything seems unhelpfully fuzzy round the edges.

Tell me, for example, exactly what are the rules around leaving a child home alone for the first time? Is there an age limit or not?

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It would be wise for President Buhari to revisit War Against Indiscipline (WAI)

During the previous regime of President Buhari and the Late General Tunde Idiagbon (God rest his good soul) i have not even finished my education not to talk of starting a career but that particular period of governance of this incredible  Generals then, cannot be forgotten in my memory as i grow up till this moment as i write this. I might not remember most of their achievements then but WAI stood out then and i saw it worked and benefitted our citizens. 

The WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE  initiated by President Buhari and his late Deputy then was geared into keeping order and making Nigerians to be highly disciplined in our life activities and it worked. 

Nigerians learnt how to stay in line when in a public place waiting to be attended to rather than rush and push each other over,  people learnt how to keep their garbbage and never littered rubbish any how,  transport systems organized themselves as should and touts and motor park theft were reduced drastically, banks were walk in and walk out fast service, hospitals were as clean as they should be...and so many things were done orderly and peacefully with same majority of  Nigerians who are still living today as we speak....myself inclusive. 

You would hardly see men shamelessly peeing along side walks with no care in the world, touts smoking weeds openly and blowing the smoke on innocent citizens walking by, police escorts whipping people, driving  rough, violating the traffic rules which they should have helped others to keep.

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Single parenthood and ways to deal with depression

Learn how to combat depression as a single mother, it is one of the most important things you can fix about yourself for your children

One of the many truths of life is that the world doesn’t stop turning when you are feeling blue, stressed, or depressed. This case is especially true if you are a single mother. Depression, from the least to the most extreme, generally makes us want to curl up in bed and just mope and sleep our problems away. But, when you are a single mother, especially of school aged children or younger, that is just not an option.

So, what do single mothers do to help combat depression in order to tend to their kids as well as deal with the symptoms of depression which often include, sadness, helplessness, tiredness, lack of motivation, and just an overwhelming feeling of wanting to say “I give up!”

One way a single mother who is depressed can help wash away the blues, aside from getting an anti-depressant medication, is to join support groups for single mothers. Speaking to other women with the same predicament may help you to better cope with your issues. Not only that, as harsh as it may sound, sometimes listening to other women’s problems may help you realize that your problems are pale in comparison to theirs. This may be just the kick needed to get you back up and running in Mommy-mode again.

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Your dressing says a lot about your personal image

Have you considered the messages you put out to the public with what you wear each time you step out from your house?  You see some people wear wrong and unsuitable outfits to work places and occassions and you ask yourself—what is she/he thinking? 

In the Nigerian setting, it would be pretty awkward to see a local pepper/crayfish seller wearing expensive designer’s suit sitting under the hot sun selling fresh pepper in the open Nigeria market. In that condition, her/his outfit is totally out of order. It would also be outrageous walking into a corporate establishment and seeing ladies in strippers attire or men wearing multicolored leggings with suits. Awwwchhhhhh....guys with multicolored leggings covered with Armani Suits? What a sight to behold huh? Those of them with ugly twisted legs will certainly swear for their establishment for allowing such outfits. So you see that what we wear daily matters a lot.

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