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The ex-prisoner who learnt nothing new

The walk to the hotel was silent and sober, like the soberness after a funeral. Kunle , in that moment he felt like Judas Iscariot, he had betrayed the one person that loved and trusted him, all because he never paid attention. Imabong visited her dad in jail because her mother told her that her real father was in jail, she had always longed to see him, no mother is proud to tell her offspring that the father is in jail, but she had to after imabong persistent rain of fire and brimstone. She felt in-complete and really wanted to see her father. Her mother never mentioned him.

It was a cloudy day in April. The warden announced “Miss Imabong Peters here to see Bosco aka Presido, please report to visitor’s room now!” Bosco was asleep when this announcement was made. A prison guard walking through the prison hall hit his staff on the prison cell “Presido wake up! You have a visitor” stunned! Bosco replied “Visitor ke? From where, Na police?” the guard laughed “No Presido, just one very fine girl” Bosco’s face brightened up like a circus “really??? I am coming, open this cage sharp!! Sharp!”

Bosco walked into the visitors lobby with the hope of seeing one of his many mistresses, deep down he was alone, dejected and in need of love. He walked gleefully like a school boy, not his regular slowly and oppressive way.

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Caught with the thieving new friend

Bidemi Adeoti saw no reason to do so but he felt he needed to watch the dark guy who opened his bag, looked about briefly, and put some books into his bag. Nothing was fishy about him putting books into his bag, but Bidemi still felt the urge to watch the guy, that urge that comes into mothers making them rise just in time to see something bad happening to their children.

‘Excuse me, please’, a sonorous female voice said behind him.

Bidemi turned to allow whosoever it was to pass, his eyes still fixed on the black guy. Shifting back, he was awed by the beauty of the dark lady that just passed his front, he had seen so many ladies but he had never been captivated so early by their beauty like the one passing his front. He swallowed hard as the vanilla smell of her perfume captured his nose and held it bound, as he sniffled silently.

The lady has an hour-glass-shaped body, a very tiny waist and a tiny shoulder. Her hair dangled around her shoulder giving her the aura of a queen. Bidemi allowed his eyes to follow her, roam over her, and stop at her long hair, the thing he appreciated most in women. He was still appreciating her beauty when his eyes caught a very popular inscription. This inscription was popular among readers at Boost Brain Library located in University of Ajede; the name ‘Boost Brain Library’ was written on one of the books the dark guy was putting into his bag.

‘What!’ Bidemi whispered, looking lost, taking his full attention away from the lady that captivated him and resting it on the book.

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The patient came back to life

The darkness started to dissipate as he gradually opened his eyes. Everywhere around him was white. Everyone he saw was wearing white. People were not stationary. There was a lot of movement around him. Some people stopping to have a glance at him; as if he was not suppose to be here. He couldn’t say exactly where he was. The sky was cloudy and it was an expansive place. As he tried to figure where he was he noticed a figure standing at a gate. The gate was beautiful and very high. There were two doors to the left and right of the gate. No one spoke a word. The man at the gate did not speak a word also. Everyone naturally knew where they should go to. The whole place was like a grave yard.

“What is going on here?” Larry broke the silence as he asked the short man in front of me.

The man responded not.

“Where does that gate lead to?” He inquired. The man gave no response

He was getting a bit frustrated. He looked behind and the face that stared at him appeared friendly. He was a young boy of not more than eighteen years of age. He had freckles on his face and a small scar on his left cheek.

“Where do those doors lead to?” Larry asked. The young boy just stared at Larry as though he heard not the question that Larry asked him.

“Hmmmmmm.”, Larry sighed and kept mute since his companions had decided to be dumb for as long as they wished to. He realized that, that was the way they all acted. He decided to follow suit.

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The wedding guest

Imagine going to that wedding your friend invited you for. Initially you had no intention of attending this wedding but you found out that on that Saturday you won’t have much to do at home and soon enough your day will become boring as always, and you also found out that the couple are wealthy, which means that a full lap of chicken might be added to the jollof rice that would be served at the wedding, or they might even ‘upgrade’ to fried rice and chicken. So you decide to attend the wedding after all.

Now the problem is the cloth you will wear to the wedding. Being a young and fashionable guy with a really good dress sense, in fact, if modelling agencies could try and checkout your pictures on Instagram and facebook, they’d sign you right away. Knowing this wedding to be that of the wealthy, you feel you should wear something classy. So you sort out the blazer you bought two months ago that you wore once to that your secondary school reunion, because you wanted to show your former classmates that you’re a ‘dabbing’ and ‘flexing bobo’ who knows the latest fashion trends in town.

So you sort out the blazer and a pair of trouser and that Nike Air you wore with the blazer to your secondary school reunion. But on bringing out the shoe you remember that this was the exact combination you wore to the reunion, your mind begins to wonder ‘what if my former classmates who were at that reunion see me wearing this same clothes, it would seem as if I don’t have enough clothes’ but then you thought ‘many of my classmates are not well to do and I don’t think they’ll be invited to this wedding’, moreover its being two months since you last wore this clothe.

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The innocent victim

 By Folakemi Emem Akpan 

Moji stared pensively at her reflection in the mirror. Her brown, round eyes stared back at her with skepticism. She held her dark, braided locks up in one hand while she clutched a fancy, brightly colored rubber band in the other. She wore a very short, tight fitting, caramel colored dress, with low heeled red pumps. She pouted as she checked the overall effect. Sighing, she let go of the braids and said aloud;

“I guess I’ll wear it down Sofi, what do you think?”

Her dark, slightly overweight, room and course mate Sofi, sat on the unmade bed flipping through an American fashion magazine. She glanced up briefly and replied in a bored tone

“Whatever Moji. You always look good anyway; I wonder why you even bother to dress up.”

At this, Moji hissed, grabbed her purse and stomped out of the room they both shared.

“Make sure you get back early oh!” Sophie yelled after her. “Aristo no go help you pass exam o.”

Moji sneaked into the room she shared with her friend Sofi, at around 01:15 the following morning. She had a spare key so she didn’t have to wake her up. She sighed with relief when the door closed noiselessly behind her, the jam lock slipping into place. It was pitch dark in the room, so she tip toed towards the general direction of the narrow bed with her stiletto pumps in hand. She prayed desperately that Sofi would still be asleep so she wouldn’t ask too many questions.

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