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Get the lively look in camouflage; go for sandals, flats

We love camouflage, so why should the military have all the fun? Army green and camouflage gives a feisty appearance. Army green and camo have been in and out of trends for as long as  can be remembered. They are everybody’s wardrobe styles staples and they are so easy to incorporate into any occasion. When wearing camo, do not take it as far as pairing it with combat boots or wearing an all round camo look because your camo look should not be taken literally, instead of boots go for flats.

The army jacket looks absolutely fabulous on a dress, try it on nude or neutral colored short dresses like white, black, cream and any other nude or neutral colors. The army jacket also looks great with skirts and jean as they are casual and versatile enough to go with almost anything.

Asides the camouflage jacket you could also rock the camo pants and likewise the jacket they can be paired with any kind of top and blouses from chiffon shirt to turtle neck and so on, The camo pants can be rocked with heels or flats or boots and they look absolutely perfect when they are rocked with plain army green stylish combats.

Here are some nice camo style inspirations:


Style tips to match a low cut

There are several reasons why women rock the shaved hair do or the low-cut. Mostly its for fashion’s sake. At other times it cannot be helped due to illness and hair loss. The truth is you can still look absolutely fabulous even when your head is shaved. The first tip for rocking the low cut is confidence, as your confidence radiates all over that way you come off looking great.

Rule 1: When sporting a low cut one rule always applies, do not over do your makeup. A lot of people make this mistake as they are guilty of over caking their faces which is not ideal. Just because you have a shaved head doesn’t mean your makeup has to be loud and overly baked. Always apply the general rule and stick to the basic.

Rule 2: Emphasize on your ears by wearing big earrings or sporting just a stud. Emphasizing on your ear makes people look beyond your low cut or shaved hair. Asides that, bold and statement earrings add a really nice touch to your overall appearance.

Rule 3: The hipster and street look really goes well with low cut but for shaved hair, emphasizing more on your feminine parts works best. Wear girly outfits that accentuate your figure giving you a much more sensual appearance and if your figure isn’t the hour glass type make sure to always have on a body reformer or spanx. If your personal style isn’t girly then add flare and stay confident in what you have on.


Jumpsuit, peplum looks for plus-size women

Plus size women don’t get as much attention as needed. Instead a lot of them receive the wrong message which is; you are only fabulous when you are skinny. Tat message is wrong and is certainly a blatant lie. The media hasn’t helped any with the constant hype they give to the skinny women forgetting the sultry curves. Plus size women should be bold and they should be able to stand out and flaunt their vivacious curves.

The first step to any firm look is the under garment, the undergarment is really important as they help to form your body therefore finding the right shape and size is important. Another tip is to always have a stock of your basic essentials like good fitting jeans, blouses, tee shirts etc. Don’t be afraid of colors and also make sure that your outfit mirrors your image, create an illusion with your outfit instead of over emphasizing.

Below are six outfits from the Valiente collection 2015 that you will find irresistible.

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Cute ways to wear the tulle skirt

The tulle skirt conned from the ballerina tutu appeared in the middle of 2014 thanks to style bloggers who set the trend on how to rock the tulle without looking like a ballerina. They transformed the tulle from ordinary to chic, now the tulle can be rocked not only as a daytime attire but a night time outfit.

The tulle skirt is feminine and can be played up either sticking to its girly appearance or go               with an unexpected way. Take a look below and find out some fuss free ways you can rock the tulle skirt.

Play Up the Girly Roots

Add a dash of pretty by going with ultimate feminine trimmings like necklace, colorful blouses, lace etc

Make the Tulle Edgy

The Tulle skirt can look edgy once paired with leather, print or graphics tee.


Modern, signature street style looks for men

Fashion and style are two different things, and they can be incorporated in various ways. The uniform style has been frowned upon as being too basic, instead of thinking of the uniform style as it was when we were back at school think of it as a signature look, or a statement look. Once you establish a signature look, then playing around with textures, styles and patterns would come easy likewise invest in pieces that would suit your look.

For many, their signature look is having the best style and also been awarded the best dressed every time. The key to developing your signature look is to spend time experimenting with various looks and then coming up with a style that suits your personality. Remember that your look is really important and your signature look isn’t something that you wear every day, just at least twice a week.

The signature look is not boring, rather it comes from gaining experience, knowledge and experimental which in turn breeds a new style of class because you choose the trends you like rather than you succumbing to the trends. Know this, the uniform look is experimental and can adapt to any occasion once you have well understood your style.

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