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Tuwon semolina da Miyan Kubewa (Okra)



3 Hot chilli (Atarugu)

2 Long pepper (Tatasai)

4 fresh tomato or one large tin of tomato puree

1 Onions(Alubasa)


5 Garlic

Ox tail

Cow ribs

Dried fish

Spices: Cooking cubes, curry, bajji, coriander and turmeric

Marinate ox tail and cow ribs. Chop in garlic, onions, and a little bitter chilli. Allow to simmer for 15-20mins. Blend tomato, chilli, long pepper. Pour mixture into the marinated meat add a little salt to your taste and stock cubes. Allow tomato puree to marinate with the meat for about 10minutes. Soak dried fish in hot water and clean, pour fish into the soup and stir. Allow to simmer for half an hour. Pour a little “Kanwu”(bicarbonate of soda) and pour the okra. Allow to boil for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, pre-heat water to boil and pour grounded semolina. Use a whisk or wooden spoon to stir for about 3 minutes and allow to heat. Use wooden spoon to stir and drive the semolina. Pour half a cup of water to soften it, cover the pot and allow to simmer. 

Serve or dish out as desired.


Freshly squeezed tangerine juice

12 Tangerines
Lightly roll each tangerine on the counter and cut in half. 
Use a citrus press or reamer and squeeze into a glass. Strain and serve over ice if desired.