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Corruption fight: PMB on track —Rep Gololo

Hon. Mohammed Gololo, House of Representatives member, representing Gamawa federal constituency of Bauchi state, in this interview with Peoples Daily Weekend, says President Buhari has appointed men and women of integrity, principle, competence, reliability and exemplary performance who have made their mark in their various fields of endeavour, amongst others. Excerpts:

How do you assess the performance of the 8thHouse of Representatives so far?

I believe the House of Representatives under the leadership of the Hon. Speaker, Hon. Yakubu Dogara has clearly set the ball rolling in terms of unveiling the legislative agenda of the House, which emphasises vigorous oversight of the Ministries, Department & Agencies (MDAs) and the crucial delivery of democratic dividends to the vast majority of the Nigerian people. 

Also crucially, the Speaker must also be commended for ensuring the speedy resolution of the leadership tussle which would have distracted us from urgent legislative business and procedure. 

As of now, the House is reconciled and we are one single, united entity ready to work for the interest of the people and we must appreciate the spirit of sportsmanship and teamspiritedness of the Speaker and other House leaders who saw the need for compromise, maturity and tolerance in the handling of those thorny issues that initially broke the House into several factions.

As the issues have been reconciled we can now forge ahead in the spiritof unity, co-operation, mutual dialogue and fraternity among the 360 members of the House, it is indeed a healthy sign for thenation’s democracy.


As you will soon mark your 100 days in office, what can you point  as your notable achievements so far?

You are aware that I am from Bauchi state in the North-eastern region of the country, which has been experiencing developmental and security challenges like high unemployment, lack of infrastructural facilities as well as the Boko Haram Insurgency. 

It has been quite a difficult period for us and the issue of Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs)has overstretched the capacity of the state governments to it’s limit. At the top of my agenda is the provision of health, education, water, power, agricultural and manpower development including youth and women empowerment schemes to my people.

One of the notable challenges that I have tackled on assumption of office is the rampant cases of flooding that has caused the collapse of numerous mud houses in my constituency. You are aware that when those houses are inundated with flood water, immediately the sun shines, those mud houses collapse, so with the assistance of the state government, we have build canoes, boats and 100 tipper loads of sand and 2500 empty sacks to enable us create a boundary to avoid floods. We have also erected culverts, drainages, waterways etc to ensure the unimpeded movement of water in order to avoid massive flooding as was the case in the recent past.

How do you assess the performance of the presentPresident Muhammadu Buhari administration, against the backdrop that some people claim it is rather slow?

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is not slow at all, it should even be commended for the steady and robust manner in which it is tackling the issue of corruption, misappropriation and fraudulent practices inherited from the previous Jonathan administration because the reason for the change agenda is to fight corruption and corrupt practices.

The reason why Nigerians voted massively for change is because they respect the reputation of President Buhari as a no-nonsense fighter of corruption and to that extent, all Nigerians must appreciate the fforts of this administration in recovering all monies embezzled by the previous government. 

Corruption is the root cause of the nation’s underdevelopment because it leads to mass unemployment, insecurity, social vices, armed robbery, kidnappings etc because if monies meant for all Nigerians ae embezzled by a few persons, then the others will be left with nothing and the only alternative is for them to engage in anti-social vices to get their share. 

Also, there will be no resoruces left to ensure the steady provision of power, water, boreholes, agricultural services, health, educational and social amenities. For instance, if there was regular power supply, there will be reduction in unemployment as many self employed people like welders, carpenters, tailors, drycleaners, hairdressers etc can run their business efficiently and would not have to go looking for jobs from the govenrment.

So do you feel that the anti-corruption war can be won by the Buhari administration?

Absolutely, President Muhammadu Buhari is quite capable of tackling the hydra-headed monster of corruption; he has done it before as military head of state and he can do it again. Majority of Nigerians and even the international community have great confidence in his anti-corruption credentials and I believe with his decisive intervention in the nation’s affairs, it will only be a matter of time before we get to the Promised Land. I only urge Nigerians to be patient and co-operate fully with his administration in order to move the naiton forward on the path of prosperity, stability and all round economic development.

How do you see recent appointments made by Mr. President including the SGF and the Chief of staff amongst others? 

I believe President Buhari has appointed men and women of integrity, principle, competence, reliability and exemplary performance who have made their mark in their various fields of endeavour. Those appointed will embody the core values of this administration as it relates to transparency, accountability, probity and due process, they did not lobby to be appointed and they are not known personally to the President, only their track record spoke for them so the critics who have been complaining that no key appointments have been made, can now find other things to occupy their time. 

We commend Mr. President for keeping to his commitment to assemble the best and brightest to move the country forward. Mr. Bachirlawal, for one is an upright, humble, sincere, God fearing and dedicated, in fact he is an asset to humanity in general.