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Ebola virus victim, Kadiatou, tells his story

He has every reason to thank God for His infinite mercies. Yes, we all do and for good reason too. His is special, being a victim of the dreaded ebola virus disease. Yes, that killer virus that has so far claimed 2,228 victims according to the World Health organization (WHO) report early in the week

Sulaiman Kemokai, from Kenema in Sierra Leone, spent 25 days in a ward. The 20-year-old man made a full recovery after contracting the ebola virus. He is just one of the handfuls of persons that have by divine providence survived the cold clutches of dead.

Although he is free from the curse of the disease, he is nevertheless not free from the stigma associated with it. The dread with which he is treated by his contemporaries and others who are scared that he could infect them with the disease leaves him traumatized and almost without hope of being fully re-integrated into the society. 

Despite still feeling stiffness in his joints, he claims he is gaining strength every day. Lucky to be alive: Sulaiman Kemokai, 20, has been released from an Ebola treatment centre after recovering. Gaining strength: Sulaiman, from Kenema, Sierra Leone, claims he is getting stronger every day.

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The truth about the food additive MSG

By  Keith Mulvihill 

For years, consumers in the United States have shunned the food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is used as a flavor enhancer in a wide variety of foods around the world. Most consumers know that it may turn up in Chinese food, but the additive may also be found in products including   canned vegetables and processed meats. This week, the American Chemical Society (ACS) attempted to change minds with a video that claims to debunk the longstanding notion that MSG is unhealthy.

 “Few ingredients come with as much baggage as monosodium glutamate,” writes the ACS in a press release. “More commonly known as MSG, the compound has had a bad reputation for nearly 50 years. In this week’s video, we debunk MSG myths and explain why the scientific consensus is that this flavor enhancer, known for its savory umami flavor, is perfectly safe for the vast majority of people.”

So what do the experts have to say? The Food and Drug Administration “considers the addition of MSG to foods to be ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS). Although many people identify themselves as  sensitive to MSG, in studies with such individuals given MSG or a placebo, scientists have not been able to consistently trigger reactions,” according to the agency’s website. The FDA also offers a fact sheet on the additive, in which the agency helpfully points out that “glutamate or glutamic acid have nothing to do with gluten.”

A 2008 study published in the journal Obesity, however, came to the conclusion that MSG may increase the likelihood of being overweight. The study evaluated 752 men and women living in villages located in northern and southern China, where the use of MSG in cooking is common. The researchers found that those that used the most MSG in cooking were also more likely to be overweight. However, it should be noted that the researchers were able to establish an association between MSG and being overweight, a clear cause and effect was not established. “MSG is not toxic,” the lead author Dr. Ka He told the New York Times at the time. “But now the question is: Is it healthy? This study is a warning that we should be cautious,” added Dr. 

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The growing trend of beauty stretch marks

By Mashe Umaru Gwamn

Going  down to the  market  I was  beautiful younger lady,  admiring her  from a far ,  moving closer to her, I saw the wonderful designs of stretch marks over her hands and shoulders .  The power of stretch mark cannot be underestimated; she was trying to cover her body with a veil.

In a quest to become beautiful, many young girls and women have used a combinations of different types of cream with a view to have an attractive complexion and fairer coloured skin. 

Apart from inventing the stretch by one self, there is also a genetic factor as well as diet and hydration levels.

 Stretch marks are often prominent in the buttocks, breasts, thighs, hips and arm areas. Aside from women stretch marks also appear on men, and effect people of any age.  The skin needs certain vitamins and nutrients, and if your diet isn’t adequate enough or contains sufficient quantity of the there nutrients your skin won’t be as resilient.

Not many people find stretch marks attractive, and there has been ongoing search for a solution through the ages.

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Idleness makes the body sick

With Jacqui Iwu.

When next you see someone who chose to be idle, observe him/her very well and you will notice how sluggish, weak and sometimes unintelligent they are. I said ‘’who chose’’ because, i have come to discover that most people who claim to have no job are either gunning for dream jobs that they will only get in their dreams while they sleep considering the economic and political situations in Nigeria presently or, they are simply too lazy to work/do any thing.  

Let us face this, there are no ready white collar jobs waiting for unemployed people anywhere in this country. The ones that surfaces comes in from few companies and establishments and not regular. You will see a company advertising for one job position and you have thousands of unemployed people applying for just one position? It ‘s nauseating! Fraustrating!!! Our unemployed youths are pretty aware that there are no jobs, yet most of them refuses to forget about Government and big companies giving them jobs and looking for what they can do as jobs on their own, with their skills, talents to survive.

Talk to these youths and see how they reason. They are just not ready to start something that cannot give fast bucks.  Do you also blame them? What do we actually expect from them when we live in a society where your size of wallet and material acquisitions speaks for you and no one care to know the quality of your personality.  Take for instance, politics is around the  corner and we will be going to the polls early 2015.  Look around in your clan, community, state and see how many poor school teachers, lecturers, civil servants who are educated, with good manners, credible personality are gunning for  any post. No one will  nominate them not to talk of electing them. This is because, they do not have cash to spread around and bribe people for one thing or the other. They also do not have flashy cars to cruise around in the villages and and throwing wild parties here and there.  They are nobodies yet,  some of these poor educated people are the REAL persons the masses need to deliver them from this political rubbish/nonesense we are in today. So when you see youths, graduates who by the way use Ipads, iphones, Blackberry phones and all kinds of expensive gadgets, refuse to create jobs by themselves, stay idle, we tend to wonder what is wrong with their brains.  These youths rather than do what they call poor man’s jobs, chose to stay idle. Yes, it is their concious choice to remain idle till they get their dream jobs that will give them fast cash and quick luxury.

Examine most of these idle youths closely, the females are so fat, sleep all day and only interested in eating, fashion, celebrity gossips and enjoying themselves with who ever that offers free meals and entertainment.  Make no mistake about this, there are always people who provide these free meals and entertainments 24/7.   So why will they bother to do a poor man ‘s job? 

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Tooth decay fact file

The most common oral health problem by a mile is tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when the outermost Layers of the tooth surface referred to as enamel gets worn down. The culprit is the acid produced as a by product of the action of bacteria which are ordinarily resident in the mouth act on food types basically carbohydrate sugars taken into the mouth.

There are outer layers of the tooth surface, the visible crown, the dentine layer, the pulp, which can be affected by tooth decay.

A sticky coat plaque forms on the tooth surface called plaque, which is easily removed by general oral hygiene measures like tooth-brushing, use of dental floss, mouthwash and any oral hygiene aid. The bacteria germs in the mouth feed on the substrate of reducing sugars and the carbohydrate in a similar fashion as we humans take in food for energy. The acid produced as a by product of the bacteria metabolism is the culprit in the demineralisation of the hard tooth surfaces hence the dental decay, tooth decay, dental caries. The whole process is based on the structure of the tooth and the action of these acids, which can dissolve the content of the tooth structure.

The body naturally tries to repair the fault and damage so there is deposition of more minerals on the tooth surface, it becomes a battle of the two extremes deposition and removal, The ding dong process goes on and once the balance is tilted in the direction of dissolution or removal of the hard mineral structure of the tooth, tooth decay forms. The tooth decay appears in the tooth as holes and should this progress unchecked it goes affecting deeper layers of the tooth until it reaches the centre, the pulp of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, at this point the pain may be excruciating and the battle to save the tooth via treating the decay may be lost.

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