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Actress Juliet Ibrahim to launch TV series

Ghollywood actress and producer, Juliet Ibrahim, is working on her directorial debut which is a TV series called ‘Every Woman Has a Story’.

‘Every Woman Has A Story’ focuses on the lives of five women, their stories, the men in their lives and their trial and triumphs. It is the story of women who have been through pain that has left them marred in a way, but through it all, they have gained the power to tell the joy, happiness and heartbreak. They live every single day with the hope of having a man strong with love, deep with care and high on passion to take away the pain, disappointment in their individual stories.

The series features several first time actors handed the opportunity to showcase their talents, as well as upcoming acts whose prowess would be highlighted.

Season one was shot in Accra, Cape Coast and South Africa, while Season two will be shot in Nigeria.